Research Grants

2019 IPPS Eastern Region Research Grants

Eastern Region IPPS funds ($3,000) will support the following Horticultural Research Institute projects in 2019:

  • Interactions between spotted lanternfly and woody ornamentals that influence tree health and insect fitness. 
    Dr. K. Hoover, Pennsylvania State University
  • Submist for propagation of nursery crops by stem cuttings.
    Dr. B. Peterson, University of Maine
  • Using hyperspectral technology to assess seed quality of horticultural crops.
    Dr. M. Mesgaran, University of California – Davis
  • Fundamental aspects of auxin foliar spray applications to woody plant cuttings.
    Dr. R. Geneve, University of Kentucky
  • Measurement of plant nitrogen status in floriculture and nursery production using smartphones. 
    Dr. K. Nemali, Purdue University