15 May 2020

2020 Conference Cancelled

In keeping with the IPPS tradition of putting our members first, the IPPS-ER Board has decided to postpone our 2020 Annual Conference scheduled for Hamilton, Ontario in September. It was a hard decision, especially since one of the key attractions of the IPPS-ER conference is the chance to socialize and learn with like-minded people. However, few of us feel eager to gather in large groups, cozy up on buses or get on airplanes. It seems obvious that the risks of holding a September in-person conference are too great for both members and the organization.

While we will not meet in person in Hamilton, we are researching alternative ways to meet, hold events, and share our stories; we WILL continue to “Seek and Share”! For example, our Area Meeting Committee is rapidly transitioning to anonlineeducational format. Virtual tours will expand our touring options - allowing us to explore businesses and gardens that are too small to host a large group tour or not close enough to make a visit feasible.We are exploring joint events with both IPPS-SR (Southern) and IPPS-WR (Western) to offer a broader North American perspective.

Where possible, small in-person events may also occur but only where they can be attended safely. Lastly, we still plan to hold the 2021 conference in Chicago and to move the Hamilton conference to 2023.Watch for more information in future newsletters.

The industry will be different when we get to the other side of this world-changing pandemic, but our focus will remain on our members; past, present, and future. IPPS members are among the most adaptable, hard-working, patient, and innovative folks anywhere, so we trust you will adjust to the new normal. We are all looking forward to seeing everyone in Chicago! The IPPS-ER Board wishes everyone good health and a speedy recovery to their business operations.

Keith Osborne, Program Chair 2020


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