Regional Overview

The Regions

IPPS is organized on a regional level. These regions are currently spread over eight geographically defined areas: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe, Southern Africa and in North America: the Eastern Region, Western Region (including Canada) and Southern Region.

Regions offer their members activities with a focus on the specifics of the plant production industry of their geographical area.

Not living in any of the regions?

Members not residing in any of the current geographical regions are registered as International Members, who are administered by the IPPS International Office.

International members are welcome to attend the conferences of any region in IPPS. They are also welcome to submit a paper for publication in the Combined Proceedings.

Living in China?

We welcome all plant production professionals from China to join IPPS as International Members. IPPS is in the process of establishing the China Region. Please visit the IPPS China section on this website for more information.

Interested in joining IPPS? Please apply on the Join IPPS page.