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Plant Propagation Workshop Series

Plant Propagation Workshop Series

Plant Propagation Workshop Series

Learn basics of sexual, asexual, and micropropagation via Zoom

      Presenter: Dr. Mark Bridgen, Professor of Horticulture, Cornell University
      Bridgen has taught plant propagation and micropropagation for over 30 years.


      • Wednesdays, February 28-May 8, 2024 (no class on March 20 and April 17) 2-4pm (EST)
      • 3 modules, with 3 two-hour sessions within each module 
      • Participants can attend all modules or register for individual modules.

      Fee: $150 per person/per module. All three modules: $400. Save $50!

      • Participants must have access to Zoom to participate in real time. Lectures will be recorded and available to participants after live sessions.

      Module #1 – Sexual Plant Propagation: February 28, March 6 & 13

      • Description: Introduction to plant propagation, biology of plant propagation, terminology, the propagation environment including microclimatic conditions (relative humidity, temperature, light, & gases), edaphic factors (abiotic: propagation media, nutrients, and water), biotic factors, seed propagation, seed dormancy (including exogenous dormancy, physical dormancy, seed scarification, chemical dormancy, endogenous dormancy, physiological dormancy, seed stratification, morphological dormancy, and double dormancy.

      Module #2 – Vegetative/Asexual Plant Propagation: March 27, April 3 & April 10

      • Description: Introduction, terminology, rooting hormones, cutting propagation, management of stock plants, treatment of cuttings, environmental manipulations of cuttings, propagation media, stem cuttings, (hardwood, semi-hardwood, softwood, herbaceous), grafting (types of grafts), propagation by specialized stems & roots (bulbs, corms, tubers, tuberous roots, rhizomes, etc.), layering, division, and separation.

      Module #3 – Plant Micropropagation: April 24, May 1, & May 8

      • Description: What is plant tissue culture, uses of plant tissue culture, what is plant micropropagation, history of micropropagation, media components and preparation, laboratory supplies, equipment and design, stages of micropropagation: stage 0, stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, and stage 4.

      Online registration available soon. For more information and to sign up to receive an alert when online registration is available contact sr369@cornell.edu..

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