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Celebrating Leadership: A Tribute to Liz Erickson

Celebrating Leadership: A Tribute to Liz Erickson

IPPS Eastern Region Members,

Some months, I struggle with what I should put in these newsletter addresses; I can't keep finding ways to shoehorn my baby into them or they won't let me write them anymore. This month, fortune dropped a topic of discussion right into my lap. Liz Erickson, our immediate past president, was just featured in an article in Nursery Management Magazine. It's a great read, and one I recommend you check out if you haven't already. Liz's feature in Nursery management has given me the opportunity not only to highlight her, but to speak about her a little bit. I've known Liz for a number of years now, both as a friend, a colleague in the industry and as something of a role model as a leader within the Eastern Region. As I've served the region, I've done my best to follow the examples she's set as my predecessor. She has been generous with time, advice and knowledge, Im very lucky to have her incredible skill and passion for this organization as a benchmark to strive towards. Beyond that, Liz has been a cherished friend to many others in the IPPS, embodying the spirit of camaraderie and support that defines our society.

I think this has been a great reminder of the immense value that the IPPS holds in fostering meaningful relationships within our industry. Whether it be mentorship, friendship, or professional collaboration, the IPPS provides a platform for cultivating these connections that are vital to our growth and success. Let us continue to treasure and nurture these relationships as we work together to advance our shared passion for horticulture.

Warm Regards,

Matt Palmieri President, IPPS Eastern Region

Click here to Read the March Magazine from Nursery Management to see Liz's cover story!