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Navigating Transitions: A Message from President Matt Palmieri

Navigating Transitions: A Message from President Matt Palmieri

Dear Members of IPPS,
As we approach the end of another year, I always find myself reflecting on the concept of transitions. In the nursery industry, this time of year often feels like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel that is a production year. Yet, you know when you get there, it turns out that light was the big flashing sign indicating the entrance to the next tunnel.
Perhaps you've just said to yourself "Well, that's a bleak thought and a weird tone for a newsletter." Bear with me and I'll elaborate on why I actually feel it's just the opposite:
That next tunnel on the horizon signifies a new beginning. The tunnel is something we're constructing around us as we journey through a year, and the new tunnel is an opportunity to start fresh armed with all of the lessons we've acquired building all of the tunnels which came before. Recognizing that you have the opportunity to harness all of that knowledge and make the next tunnel that much smoother of a ride is an empowering realization as we prepare to wind down the year and begin anew.
To further this notion, as IPPS members, we step onto our new tunnels backed by the collective dedication to shared knowledge, expertise and passion for connection within the world of horticulture that this group embodies. I'm excited for us to carry this wealth of collective wisdom forward, facilitating growth, innovation and collaboration within our respective fields to make the coming year one of the best yet.
Thank you all for your unwavering dedication and commitment to IPPS and here's to a promising and fruitful year ahead!
Happy Tunneling,
Matt Palmieri