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President's Mid-Season Message: Insights and Inspiration for IPPS-ER Members

President's Mid-Season Message: Insights and Inspiration for IPPS-ER Members

Dear IPPS Eastern Region Members,

As we find ourselves deep in the busy season of the nursery industry, I am always reminded of the dynamic nature of our field. This time of year naturally brings to mind the ever-changing trends in our business. We are constantly seeking to answer critical questions: What are the new and exciting cultivars that are capturing everyone's attention? Which of the tried-and-true varieties continue to stand the test of time, remaining ever-popular among our customers? And, perhaps most intriguingly, how do we predict future preferences and trends in our industry?

Our work is a blend of art and science, requiring us to stay informed and adaptable. The ability to anticipate what will resonate with gardeners and landscapers is both a challenge and an opportunity. It's a task that demands a keen eye and a willingness to innovate while honoring the legacy of our most beloved plants.

In this ever-evolving landscape, IPPS offers a unique platform to connect with fellow professionals across the region. By sharing our experiences, insights, and challenges, we enhance our collective knowledge. This exchange of ideas not only benefits us as individuals but also enriches the communities we serve.

I encourage each of you to take full advantage of the resources and networks available through IPPS. Let’s continue to foster a spirit of cooperation and learning, ensuring that our industry remains vibrant and forward-thinking.

Thank you for your dedication and passion. Together, we can navigate the trends and uncertainties of our industry, making it stronger for the future.

Matt Palmieri